Rent a casino with the right to buy.

The tenant has the access to:
- to the admin panel
- to the cabinet of payment system.

The tenant makes registration of a new cabinet for the email and phone number. (In case of impossibility to add the email and phone to this site technically – “it was already in rent”, by an agreement, a new domain is registered with the registration of a new cabinet.)
- guest access to statistics
- installation of chat codes and the other services

Termination of lease:
In case of non-payment the rental amount on the day of payment, the site is frozen for 10 days, during wgich the site is not put up for sale, but the access to the administrator is being closed. Having paid at this time, the tenant doesn’t lose paid means for a deduction buying it out.
After 10 days, the site is put up for sale - you can buy or rent it on a general basis.
The order of ready site rent:
You pay the rent – we remove the site from sale, give you an access to the admin panel - you change the password in the admin panel, set up games for yourself , then we connect the casino to the payment system

we will connect the payment to your mail and the withdrawal of money will be made on your purse, we will also remove the site from the sale and give you admin panel, change the password and you can start working. the transfer will take a couple of hours